Terms & Conditions


• We charge from the time we arrive at our driveway until the time we finish with a minimum 2 hours plus ½ hour travel. (This only applies to the metropolitan area).
• Moves outside the Metro area we charge from the time we arrive at our driveway until the time we finish at the destination address plus travel back to where we started from.
• A 5% fuel levy does occur if the distance between point A and B exceeds over 20kms.
•We accept CASH, VISA /MASTER CARD & AMERICAN EXPRESS.(A surcharge of $10 applies for Visa / Master card and $20 for AMEX). We DO NOT ACCEPT eftpos, cheques or account unless it has been prearranged by Head office.
• Balcony lifts, pianos, billiard tables and items over 100 kilos e.g. safes, AAA Master Removalists have the right to refuse to move it or charge extra for these items.

• The client is responsible for ensuring a safe working environment and adequate parking is available during the job.
• Any parking fines, tolls, fares etc. that incur during the job will be charges to the client.
• Before signing off a completion of the job, make sure you check you hours, your goods are fine, take a quick look around the truck and make sure nothing was accidentally left inside. Once you sign off (meaning the client is happy and satisfied with the move) we have no further responsibility.

All dangerous good, banned substances, animals and plants must be declared before sign on, as relocating those may breach Australian transport regulations.


You are automatically covered for
• Public liability which covers you for any accidental damage made to the building.
• Transit insurance which covers your contents ONLY while the truck is in transit in case of a fire or collision between pick up and delivery.
• Workers Compensation which covers the Removalist in case of personal injury.
• AAA Master Removalist is not liable for any damage caused to goods, and does not provide handling and package insurance as part of the quoted price.

As you are not covered for full handling and packaging insurance we can offer you full insurance through Allianz.

(For prices please call the office)
This will cover you from $25.000. You have 45 days from the

TOLL CHARGES (these are subject to change)

Sydney Harbour $4.00
M5 $8.80
M7 $7.12
M2 $15.40
Eastern Distributor $11
Lane Cove Tunnel $5.83
Cross City Tunnel $9.22

Optional Bubble Wrap (we break it we fix it guarantee)
If, in addition the Removal Services, you elect to have your Goods packed by our contractors using preventative bubble wrapping we guarantee that those Goods will be delivered to your delivery location free from any breakage. For exclusions, refer to our Terms and Conditions on our website and on the back of the invoice book contract.


• The driver must use both shrink wrap and bubble wrap when wrapping items to be covered by bubble wrap insurance. (On its own shrink wrap does not insure your item. It is used to abstain from dirt, dust, staining etc. Shrink Wrap may offer minimal protection for your Goods.)
• Together the driver and the customer must open all bubble wrapped items to check any damages to the completions of the move.
• The bubble wrapped goods and insured up until the time that the driver leaves the job of the delivery address.
• If for storage purposes, the customer requires the wrapped goods to remain wrapped and unchecked by the driver they NO LONGER fall under ‘bubble wrap insurances’.