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Preparing for Move – Moving house?

Here is our DIY packing guide to help you get organised.

1.    De -clutter your house!

Firstly, you should consider selling, recycling or dispose of any items that are no longer of any value to you. There is no use just packing everything as this only makes your job harder to unpack. You don’t want to be taking old clutter to your new place. Not only does that clutter your new place, it costs you money and time to pack and move the stuff that you don’t need anyway.

De cluttering can be done in the weeks leading up to your move. We suggest going through your house room by room and sorting all your items before packing so that when it’s time to pack it’s a no-brainer, everything goes in.

De cluttering gives you time to think about what items you want to keep and allows you enough time to remove items you don’t. This means that you can hold a garage sale or sell online, donate items or simply dispose of any rubbish before your moving date. Planning in advance will save you time and money and you may even get some cash back from the items you sell to help pay for the move.

2.    Preparing for packing

Once your house is de-cluttered it’s time to get organised for your packing. Particularly if you have young children around, packing can really turn your house upside down. So we suggest preparing each room before you actually pack anything. This means sorting items so that bedroom items should only be in the bedroom, lounge room items should only be in the lounge room etc. Then its time to sort items that you will use right up until the day you move from items that can be stored now. You will also need to collect some old newspapers or magazines to wrap your glass and fragile items. Once this is done, call us to get your boxes, bring your tape and markers and it’s time to get started.

3.    Time to Pack

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get into it. Packing a medium house can take one person up to 2 weeks if done systematically and only a couple of hours a day. Be sure you have enough time prior to your move to pack otherwise you run the risk of throwing everything into one box and then struggling when unpacking to find anything.

Starting to pack can be fun! This is when all the preparation and hard work has already been done, all you need to do is wrap and pack items neatly into boxes. To save on newspapers we suggest using tea towels to wrap up glass kitchen items or plastic bags also work to wrap up plates, platters or larger glass items. Towels and blankets are great for wrapping up picture frames and larger items.

When packing boxes, it is important to think about what you are putting into each box ensuring that it’s not too heavy – even for our strong staff! If a box is too heavy you run the risk of it falling through or too heavy for one person to move therefore slowing down your move time. Be sure to label and tape up boxes as you go so that you know exactly what is in it and what room it needs to go to.

Another good packing suggestion is to put all TV cabling in your TV low-line, your computer cabling in your study desk drawers etc, this way on opening you know exactly where they are and they are usually the first things that people connect, a great way to keep kids entertained while you unpack.

Once all your loose items are boxed up, you’re pretty much done! Just arrange the boxes neatly so that the movers can easily access walkways and rooms. The easier it is for the removalist the less time it will take, means you save money!

Finally, leave all of the big items such as refrigerators, TV’s, wall units, tables etc for our specialist removalists. Our movers carry appropriate materials to cover and protect your furniture during the move.

4.    Cleaning

Once all the packing and moving has been done, it’s time to give your old place a good clean. Ask our friendly staff about our professional cleaning service. You may also like to give your new place clean or refresh, particularly if it has been vacant for some time.

If you have further queries or would like specific packing advice, please contact us on 1300 669 134.